hi, my name is Asma, all i want is a threesome with uchiha madara and hatake kakashi.



bedtime snuggles ♥

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*wastes sleep hours reading fanfiction*
*goes to work early, complaining about lack of sleep*

Sasuke is so good looking but his taste in clothing is so blagh


Naruto AU where everything is well written

why do you think madara's death was disappointing? i thought his final moments with hashirama were beautiful

Nah man I loved his final moments. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. What bothers me so much is what happened prior to it.
I wanted this moment to happen after a battle with hashirama or even team 7 not after miss flat character, motiveless, queen of chakra my ass kaguya took over him. Not even a worthy death, literally gave all those 400 buildup chapters 0 relevance.
Come visit my grave after I die I’ll have salt fountains powered by my own salt

Did you notice that post going around with an enlarged version of Kakashi's design? We can clearly see some kind of a pattern on his flak jacket and it looks suspiciously like the kanji for 6. So I guess this is more or less a confirmation for Kakashi being the 6th Hokage in this movie. Which makes me wonder, What is Sasuke's role then? Judging from his "costume," they probably go to Suna for some conference and Sasuke is Kakashi's bodyguard??? Questions questions.

Someone told me about this earlier, although, I honestly don’t see any writing.

But the whole suna thing makes sense cuz all these people are wearing suna’s uniforms and all

Captain Sumoka + Glasses

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