hi, my name is Asma, all i want is a threesome with uchiha madara and hatake kakashi.


so i just hit 4k followers, really want to say thanks to everyone who was there for me when something bad happened or i had a bad moments or whatever. i know i never message anyone or rarely anymore

BUT i am so thankful to you guys, coming to on tumblr when i had a bad day. you guys always cheer me up, with your funny posts and edits and every time when there is a new chapter all those funny posts.

thanks to all the people i met on this site and my friends ^_^ for talking to me, you guys are the BEST, Eh

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Whenever you're on my dash I remember that I'm not alone with my uncontrollable lust for Madara

you know, as i was reading this i thought you were gonna say “Whenever you’re on my dash I remember that i’m not alone in the world” then i saw “i’m not alone with my uncontrollable lust for madara” and i realized that maybe ive helped you guys a lot and im a really good person

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL? 

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Old Blood Prison sketchadoodle. Aka: that one movie where Naruto takes his shirt off a lot.  

… Anyway, I did it for the anatomy practice, I swear. \o.o/

Whatever man. These people smh.
Y’all know I could have broken my arm and that could have caused permanent damage that could have lead me to never being able to draw for the rest of my life. Like y’all need to chill I just fractured the damn thing

Why is everyone unfollowing me all of a sudden?
I see how it is, y’all are ditching me cuz I injured my wrist. It’s cuz I’m disabled now and can’t draw that y’all are doing this. Ok. I thought we were cool is all

Can you blame me? So much madara x madara fanart on this site

Haha guess who fractured their wrist hahaha guess which wrist haha guess who can’t draw anymore haha

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